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Free Training

5 Little Known Secrets to Running Consistently for a Lifetime 

Ready to get started running again?

Whether you're new to running, have tried and stopped many times before OR find yourself unmotivated when you're not training for a race ... this training is for YOU! 

My method of coaching is for the runner who wants to keep running and avoid the stop and start cycle or even burnout from over-training. 

All you need is the right plan and the cues to keep you running pain-free year round!


Join my FREE training where I will share with you the 5 BEST SECRETS I’ve learned from 35 years of running and coaching everyday runners. 

You'll learn:

✔  Why most runners don't know what they’re doing
✔  The most important part of a run
✔  The only form cue you'll ever need to run pain-free
✔  The magic workout I teach ALL of my clients
✔  The secret to consistency & lifelong running

Excited? So am I! All you have to do is fill out the form below!



Running had been my nemesis my entire life.  I could not run 1 mile without stopping.  365 days later and running is a regular part of my life.  15 miles a week is a regular part of my life.   I am a runner!


Thanks for creating and continuing to create these plans. I went from struggling to get myself back to running (I was pretty sure I just wasn't a runner anymore) to running consistently for the past 3 months. 


I heard MK on a podcast  several years ago. It was the first time I felt like I had found someone who understood my needs. My long runs are still just over an hour. I love them and I am so proud of myself for running 4-5 days per week.

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