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A Quiet Anti-Diet Riot

Check Your Email! Time to RIOT!

January 19th is Quitter’s Day, the day the fitness industry says is the day past which most people will have given up their New Year’s Resolutions. 


To that, we say, GOOD. 

New Year’s Resolutions are made-up overcorrections, commitments that were NEVER healthy, positive or sustainable. Most resolutions revolve around fitness and nutrition, encouraging restricted eating and HARRRRD or too-frequent workouts in order to ‘improve’ your body by shrinking it. By harming it. By punishing it for its unruliness, for your obvious lack of compliance and discipline.


The messaging tells us that we aren’t enough, that we are broken, that we lack discipline and drive, that we need to buy THIS THING in order to be fixed, that our inability to keep New Year’s Resolutions is proof of this, that our bodies themselves are proof of this.


We beg to differ: The problem was never you, it was these lies that were presented as truths. 

Coach Jess and Coach MK are proud members of the SuperFit Hero community of trainers, working to spread a different message: that you are, and have always been enough. 

It's really hard to admit that something isn't working or isn't sustainable. It's even harder to find anyone who will validate that decision. This Quitter's Day, we want to celebrate your decision to quit, and give you a framework for moving forward. 

Our anti-diet riot plan is totally free. You can start anytime. Give us your email address and we will send you a PDF plan that will: 

  • validate your decision to quit

  • give you permission to try new things

  • offer a new perspective on food as well as a new approach to working out


Each week of the plan has a theme, driving home the following ideas:

  1. Nutrition doesn’t have to suck.

  2. Fitness Doesn’t have to hurt.

  3. Food is your friend.

  4. Movement celebrates your body.


We invite you to try a different plan; we think of it as an anti-diet riot. 30 days of baby steps towards knowing what you've known all along: that you are strong and disciplined and tenacious AF...when you are committed to something that exists to support rather than punish, cheer rather than shame, and empower rather than restrict. We are HERE to help you find that thing and claim your space.


You have no idea what you are capable of; we cannot wait to show you.


From the bottom of our hearts, Happy Quitter’s Day! 


Coach MK and Coach Jess

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Check Your Email! Time to RIOT

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