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Coach MK founded Fitness Protection with the mission of making running a truly positive experience for all runners by eliminating the shame and pressure of endless training cycles that leads to burnout. 


Our programs offers a tether to your coaches and your run club year-round, especially those times when you need guidance the most:  in between race cycles, when you’re unable to run due to injury or life circumstances, or when you are just trying to rebuild a fitness habit. 

Our coaching connects people to their inner athlete, and to parts of themselves that have been overlooked.. We bring out and highlight your badassery to show you who you really are, how you’ve been underestimating yourself all along.

Our approach is centered around the tenets of mental and cardiovascular health as well as the belief that both are achievable at every size.


We believe that ongoing support shouldn’t exclusively belong to the elite, and training programs shouldn’t assume everyone is coming from the same set of life experiences. Some of us want to do all the races, but lots of us don’t want to race at all. It can be hard to find a place in the running world when you’re not in a performance-based marathon training cycle, let alone a run plan.

Speaking of run plans, most  are written in a language exclusive to track teams. I couldn’t even read my first training plan; twenty years later I still have to think out 6x800x3” to process the instruction.

Here’s How We Do Things Differently At Fitness Protection.

Of the 35 years I spent running, I spent four working with really terrific coaches in advanced programs all over the world. 

We worked smart, we were consistent year-round, and in the off-season we didn't train … but we didn't sit still, either. We absolutely DID run in the off-season. We never stopped running. We stopped hard, structured, focused training.

And that’s what I’m committed to bringing you in all four of our coaching programs - Maintain, Build, Rebuild, and Runner Interrupted. The continuity, consistency, and mindset that breeds badassery (without even trying).

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