Ready To Start Running But Unsure How To Begin? 

You have a million questions like ...

What if you don’t understand the training plan? What if your questions are so basic you’d be wasting a coach’s time? What if you don’t fit in with the other runners? What if they want you to lose weight?

It's a lot to figure out on your own

Until now, there hasn’t been a place for someone like you to receive positive reinforcement and personalized support and doesn’t push you dangerously past your very real limits. 

That’s why I created Build. 

Build will build your confidence and your strength to make running a lifestyle you choose every day. Build will meet you where you are at and support you as you move forward, and we focus on the metrics that matter (HINT: weight is NOT on that list). 

We support and celebrate your wins, both on and off the road, and we make sure you don’t discount your own badassery.

You already have a runner’s body; you have a body, and it can run. You’re 90% of the way there! Now, all you need is a plan, a coach, and a community that makes it easy to stay consistent and motivated year-round. Build will get you there.

Some of the reasons why Build is the perfect program for new runners:

  • Our coaches are normal people who do extraordinary things, just like you. They aren’t Olympians or so full of natural athletic talent they don’t understand why some days are harder than others.

  • We operate on the assumption that you are a badass. Period. Most fitness programs presume you are lazy and need accountability and willpower. We know you deserve better.

  • Build aims to maximize your cardiovascular health and meet the American Heart Association guidelines, the very guidelines that kept Coach MK's father alive 35 years after a quintuple bypass. 

Plus, there’s always a place for you in Maintain even when you’re not actively training for a race. (In fact, you don’t have to race, ever. We just want you to have the option whenever you want it).


When you join Build for 3 or 12 months you’ll get all the benefits listed below.  Program closes on June 30th!

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